Sunsets and Storms in Great Barrington

Streaky sunset clouds inside the tent and stormclouds overhead


Stormclouds rolled through powerfully on the evening of this August wedding at a beautiful private estate in Great Barrington, providing churning, fast-changing dramatic natural backdrops for the bride and groom’s reception tent.


Closeup of sunset design on sailcloth during daytime

Luck was with us: The ceremony finished just before the first drops fell. By the time the rain and wind arrived full force, the guests were safely ensconced in this beautiful Sperry tent.  While outside it was wet, cold, and blustery, inside everyone enjoyed dinner under a beautiful illusion of a warm sky at sunset, which I created by focusing soft-focused streaky cloud gobos onto the sailcloth tent canvas in a mix of ambers and violets.


During full daylight, subdued though it may have been by the cloud cover, the light from my stage lighting instruments mixed with the ambient light blue skylight, creating pastel clouds on the sailcloth.


As dusk fell and the natural light faded away, the colors inside the tent intensified into bold oranges and pinks.


Sunset sailcloth tent design by Seitel Lighting LLC


Detail shot of sunset tent


The brilliant photographer Eric Limón captured the beauty of the stormy weather and the sunset wedding tent masterfully throughout the transition from day to night.  My favorite shot of Eric’s from this wedding is this one, taken just before full dark:


A sunset tent on a stormy night in Great Barrington
The rain did not deter the revelers, who partied late into the night.  After dinner I morphed the tent into a deeper, darker purple look as the music and dancing took over.


J&P composite purple js for web
My heartfelt thanks to Eric Limón for sharing his gorgeous photos.  See more of Eric’s work on his website or his facebook page.


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