Lucia & Todd’s Starry Night

“I see twinkle lights… everywhere!”  said Lucia to me with delight in her eyes as she swept her hands in a broad circle above and around her to share her vision with me for her wedding to her longtime beau.  One year later, Lucia and Todd celebrated their union under a canopy of stars made up of ribbons of twinkle lights strung throughout their gorgeous sailcloth tent on the family’s property in Williamstown.


Todd and Lucia dip on the dance floor


I developed this design together with Lucia and her parents over the winter and spring prior to Lucia’s celebration.  The final design included approximately 18,500 individual twinkle lights inside the tent…

Lucia 9jsfw

…Along with another several thousand points of light nestled inside lanterns on shepherd’s hooks and wrapped around tree trunks surrounding the tent.

Fairy lights wrapped around tree trunks

Fairy lights wrapped around tree trunks

Seitel Lighting fairy lanterns


A proud father toasted his daughter and son-in-law from the dance floor.  Strong daylight on this beautifully sunny day kept the tent quite bright until the onset of twilight.

Lucia's father's toast

As the sun dipped below the horizon and dusk set in, the tent took on a new luminosity, glowing against the darkening sky.

Sailcloth tent with twinkle lights at dusk

Speeches continued, with Lucia’s big sister giving a toast that pretty much made everyone cry.


Lucia's sister Avery's speech

The décor for this event was created by a team of artists that this family has been close to for years.  Their longtime groundskeeper Barb harvested beautiful birch trees from her nephew’s property just north of here in Vermont, installing them on the centerpoles of the tent the day before the wedding.  The flowers were provided by local business Mount Williams Greenhouse, with additional arrangements created by none other than the bride’s aunt.


Birch trees by the family's groundskeeper Barb

Lucia's flowers

Music was provided by East Coast Soul.

East Coast Soul trumpeter


The happy couple, their families and their guests celebrated for hours on the dance floor.

Lucia and Todd's dance party

The night, the lights, and the love got deeper and more gorgeous by the hour.

Lucia's tent after nightfall

This Williamstown family is very special to me. I’ve had the privilege of creating a lighting design for the weddings of each of their three children, working with mom Lisa, dad Michael, and each bride and groom to create a lighting design that would bring each couple’s unique vision to fruition.
The family with all three children and their spouses
Lucia’s older sister Avery’s wedding to her husband Ben in 2010 was my very first foray beyond the world of the performing arts and into the world of family celebrations. Avery and Ben now have two beautiful children, with another on the way. And yes, that’s Lucia’s and Avery’s brother Payson officiating their ceremony.
Avery and Ben's wedding


Payson married his love Kristin in 2014. I filled their tent with glowing red silk lanterns symbolic of the good luck and good fortune their families wished for them.

Payson & Kristin's wedding


And now, five years on, Lucia and Todd have completed the circle.

Lucia and Todd's ceremony


Lucia was newly engaged when Payson got married, and it was at his wedding reception that we first talked about what she wanted for her own celebration. With her description of a multitude of twinkle lights in my mind, I started brainstorming, drawing, collecting research, and building prototypes, and we were off and running.
Lucia's stars and sunflowers
When I saw Lucia’s gloriously bold yellow sunflowers surrounded by thousands of starry points of light, I suddenly thought to myself: I know why I like this design so much. Lucia’s bold lush visions, infectious enthusiasm, and lust for color and a life lived to the fullest reminds me of the passion and art of my favorite post-impressionist dreamer. Perhaps you recognize him too?
van gogh stars and sunflowers


I am truly proud to have been a part of making Lucia’s special day everything she dreamed it would be. My gratitude to this wonderful family for bringing me under their collective wing as an artist, a collaborator, and a friend.
A special thanks to Orchard Cove Photography for sharing their beautiful photos.

Michael escorts Lucia to the altar

Catering by Mezze Catering

Flowers by Mount Williams Greenhouses, with additional arrangements by Lucia’s aunt

Trees by Barb Sweet

Lighting design by Julie Seitel of Seitel Lighting LLC

Photography by Orchard Cove Photography

Photos from Payson and Kristin’s wedding courtesy of Jennifer Mardus Photography

Tent by Classical Tents