A Connecticut Wedding


This beautiful private estate in Connecticut provided an enchanting and secluded setting for this camera-shy bride and groom’s intimate celebration with family and close friends.


Candle lanterns on shepherd's hooks add sparkle to the flower gardens


The reception was held in a sixty foot square single pole tent, which I filled with illuminated paper lanterns.  They are available in a myriad of shapes and sizes, but this style and size is my favorite: a 24″ diameter spherical lantern made of an elegant white eyelet material.  I suspended them throughout the tent at various heights, for a pleasingly random effect.



The tent being prepared for guests.


Scenic trees are a great way to make use of tent poles that would otherwise be at best plain, and at worst an eyesore.  Uplighting the trees highlights their color and texture and creates foliage shadows on the tent ceiling above, softening its white plastic feel and suggesting something a bit more organic.

Scenic tree's leaves cast foliage shadows on tent ceiling.A small uplit scenic tree at the entrance to the bar tent.

A local flower and produce farmer and close friend of the bride created a simple, elegant country-inspired design with sunflowers as the main thematic element.

Sunflowers with tree and paper lanterns in background


A large sunflower arrangement made a beautiful centerpiece for the bar.  I created an abstract chandelier above it using wire mesh baskets with flickering LED votive candles.  More of these hanging mesh baskets with candles decorated trees around the property.


Uplit tree with sunflowers and wire mesh LED candle lanterns in the background.


While we were putting the finishing elements on preparations inside the reception tent, the bride and groom were taking their vows on the other side of the lake.  We knew they were married when we heard the cheers erupting across the water.  As the guests walked around the lake using a footpath, the bride and groom rowed their way triumphantly across the water in a boat.  You can just see them in the distance in this photo:



A gorgeous lake provided an impressive scenic backdrop.


The guests converged on the tent and celebrated with wine and food.


Guests enjoying dinner under the glowing paper lanterns


The revelries continued and the tent grew luminous as night fell:


Celebrating in the tent as night falls outside


Here are some screenshots from Sketchup virtual 3D models that I created during our design process to help this bride visualize what the paper lanterns would look like.  The first two show a 60 x 80 two-pole tent that the family was initially considering, with all white lanterns in the first sketch and a mix of colors in the second sketch.  The third shows a smaller 60 x 60 single-pole tent that the family eventually settled on, with all white lanterns, viewed from approximately the same angle as the real tent is in the night photo above.  You can read more about my use of virtual 3D models in the design development stages in my behind-the-scenes blog.


Sketchup model of the tent: View 2



Sketch of 60 x 80 tent with white, amber, and pink lanterns



Sketchup model of the 60 x 60 tent with paper lanterns