A Bold Berkshires Wedding at The Mount

This beautiful and lively tent provided a colorful canopy of leaves for Rebecca, Jon, and their family and friends after their wedding ceremony on a hot summer day at The Mount, the historical home of Edith Wharton in the heart of the Berkshires.

A glorious wedding tent with rosy amber and teal blue leaf uplighting at The Mount in Lenox, Massachusetts

The rosy amber and teal blue foliage patterns projected onto this sailcloth tent were invisible in full daylight, gradually emerging only as twilight fell, which surprised and delighted Rebecca and Jon’s unsuspecting guests. The leaves became quite prominent at dusk, and got bolder and bolder as full night fell.

Leafy gobos uplight the reception tent, echoing the real trees decorating the tent poles

White twinkle lights around the tent’s perimeter completed the look with some sparkle.


The bride is in the fashion industry and came to the table well prepared with her own design sensibilities and skills. Once I figured out what a great sense of color and pattern she had, after a demo of ten or twelve choices of colors and patterns, I simply laid my gel swatchbooks and gobo catalogs on the table in front of her and showed her the infinite possibilities. Rebecca and Jon took swatchbooks home with them and spent hours considering color and pattern combinations. They eventually settled on a foliage gobo that would work well in tandem with the real trees adorning the tent poles, and a color gradient of rosy amber, pink, lavender, and azure blue created by combining two colors together as a “split gel” in a single frame. The results: Wow! The pride of ownership that I know Rebecca felt made me feel it was a job especially well done.

Rosy amber, pink, lavender, and blue leaf patterns projected onto the wedding tent using gobos and split gels in theatrical lekos mounted to the tent poles

The maid of honor toasted the couple as the last light was fading from the sky…

Wedding toasts given under bold and vibrant amber and blue leaves projected onto the reception tent

Maid of honor under the canopy of leaf gobos in the wedding tent

…and then the dancing began…

Wedding guests dancing under colorful foliage patterns in the wedding reception tent

Wedding guests dancing under the canopy of amber and blue leaves

Here’s the tent viewed from another angle, showing its full nighttime glory.

A glorious wedding tent lit with amber and teal leaf patterns against the blue night sky

Rebecca’s bold instincts really made this tent sing with her personality and joy. Great working with you, Rebecca! My best to you and Jon as you continue your journey together.

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