Three Cases LeHavre

Here are Philippe’s photos of the Normandy theater of LeVolcan in LeHavre, along with a loose translation of his notes about each photo. He took these photos during a load-in, while the trusses were lowered. It’s a very similar setup to what we just had in Paris.

Philippe notes that the walls are black but he feels it’s necessary to hide the upstage door, the upstage left entrance from the dressing room, and the entire stage right wall (which looks like it’s maybe not black?). Here are pictures of each of those:

Looking into crossover, between the upstage curtain and the upstage wall with door: [pic 189]

P1000189 crossover

Looking through upstage curtain at upstage door:[pic 192]

P1000192 US door

The upstage left doorway into the dressing room:[pic 181]

P1000181 USL entrance

The stage right wall: [pic 180]

P1000180 SR wall

I believe that Philippe’s comment “2 allemandes et un fond sur l’extérior du trust (he means truss) fonctionne bien” is probably a masking recommendation, that it works well to use masking curtains on all three sides of the stage forming a three-sided black box, i.e., a curtain in front of the SL wall, one in front of the SR wall, and one in front of the US wall. I am not sure this will work for us because of the ladder for Nude Descendance… but let’s discuss.

Philippe notes the possible locations for hanging things are, from upstage to downstage, as follows. (I am not quite sure what’s special about these locations, because they actually have many additional pipes spanning the trusses that provide locations for hanging lights. I may need to ask him for clarification. But the pictures are helpful in any case:)

–Between the upstage wall and the upstage curtain [see pic 189 above]

–On the upstage truss (“truss arrière”):[pic 171]

P1000171 truss arriere

–On the downstage truss (“truss avant”): [pic 174]

P1000174 truss avant

–Between the downstage truss and the main curtain (“rideau d’avant scène”): [pic 177] This photo is very helpful because it shows the exact location of the “Cadre de scène velours noir” (proscenium legs and border) that are listed in their fiche technique but not drawn on the PDF groundplan. They are at the DS edge of the platform stage, which is a few feet downstage of the truss structure.

P1000177 DS curtain & truss

–On the front-of-house pipe above the audience (“la perch de face en salle”): [pic 182] This is essentially a view of the stage from the audience, though the lowered truss blocks our view of the details. We can see the SL leg of the “cadre de scène” at the right side of this photo.

P1000182 FOH pipe

The seating banks retract for hang and focus. The video projector and the tables for stage manager and board operators are in the last row of the audience. Note: There is no enclosed booth! [pic 186] This is essentially a view of the audience from the stage (though you have to imagine the seats extended of course).

P1000186 seats retracted for focus

I guess this is a general picture of their rigging mechanisms? (“Les accroches”) [pic 183]

P1000183 accroches

Philippe notes that he would prefer we send him our light plot adapted for the space in the most ideal way, without worrying about Alban’s equipment; and then he can determine if there are any conflicts to solve.