Installing Vines of Light in Stonover Farm’s Weeping Willow Trees

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Julie Seitel in 65 foot Boom Lift at Stonover FarmStonover Farm’s two giant weeping willow trees create a gorgeous visual focal point for the duck pond area of the property.  For my recent clients Josh and Emily I upped the wow factor of these trees by installing dangling vines of twinkle lights throughout their branches.

Vines of light in Stonover willow trees by Seitel Lighting LLC

I used a Genie S-65 boom lift from NES Rentals in springfield to do the installation.  It’s a four-wheel-drive self-propelled diesel lift with a telescoping boom that extends to a max of 65 feet.  The articulating jib can pan, raise/lower, and tilt the bucket relative to the mast.

Julie in S65 boom lift jsfw

out over the pondHere I am installing lighting in the branches that reach far out over the pond.

up high in willow…And here I am getting waaaaaaaaaayyyyyy up there to the top of the tree.

view from bucket to pondHere’s a photo I snapped from the bucket, looking straight down to the pond.

boom lift delivery to Stonover FarmMy buddy Mike at NES delivered this lift, along with the 20-foot Genie Runabout I usually rent to install lighting inside the barn, with a ramp truck.  It was quite impressive watching him manipulate this giant hulk of machinery so that it just barely fit onto the truck.

familizarization of S65Here we are doing the familiarization procedure.  I’m trained and certified by Genie and IATSE to operate mast, scissor, and boom lifts, but each lift operates a little differently, so the rental company representative runs the customer through the specifics for each machine when they deliver it.

The vines of light are pretty subtle during the daytime, adding just a bit of sparkle amongst the trees’ dangling willow branches…

Vines of light in willow trees at Stonover Farm…but they gain prominence throughout the fall of night, and after dark, they stand out impressively against the black silhouettes of the trees.

I’m eagerly awaiting Josh and Emily’s professional photographer’s shots of the willow trees during the wedding celebration…  Stay tuned for the pro pics!