Ideas for Emily & Josh’s Stonover Wedding

Aesthetic Vision


  • “Elevated Rustic” style
  • Warm and cozy feel created with incandescent sources
  • Not overly colorful


Lighting Ideas to Explore

  • Crystal chandeliers
  • Square Wooden Candle Chandeliers
  • Candle Planks
  • Rope-Wrapped Candle Chandeliers
  • Twinkle Lights
  • Fairy Lights
  • Bistro Lights
  • Vintage Light Bulbs
  • Flameless Candles
  • Band Lighting for Soundhouse

Pictures & Descriptions


Crystal Chandeliers

Sparkling Maria Theresa-style crystal chandeliers would bring panache and elegance to the Stonover barn. My large centerpiece chandelier is an impressive 38″diameter and 38″ tall, with 16 flame-tipped light bulbs in two tiers.   I have six matching smaller chandeliers, 22″ in diameter, each with six flame-tipped bulbs in a single tier. I sew custom chandelier socks, in a fabric style and color that coordinates nicely with the floral design, to cover the suspension cable and hardware.


Square Candle Chandeliers

These modern candle chandeliers, which I designed and built myself, are a warm and less formal option for enhancing the décor of the terrace. The large 42″ square centerpiece candle chandelier is made of carved solid wood stained a deep mahogany, and features 28 flameless wax pillar candles that flicker gently. This piece was created as a custom installation for Stonover Barn in 2012.  I recently created six smaller 24″ square candle chandeliers in the same style, each with 16 pillar candles, to form a matched set of seven.  Your florist can dress the chandeliers with flowers, foliage, or other décor if desired to tie them cohesively into the overall wedding design.

Candle Planks

I designed and built these rustic candle planks to match the decor of another barn, the Doris Duke Theater at Jacob’s Pillow, for a 2014 wedding.  I think they would look gorgeous at Stonover.  They consist of flameless pillar candles on weathered wooden planks of lengths from four to twelve feet, suspended with thin aircraft cable so that they appear to be floating in space.

Rope-Wrapped Candle Chandeliers

Stonover has a set of ten rope-wrapped chandeliers that are similar to a popular Restoration Hardware chandelier.  If their aesthetic appeals to you, we can inquire with Suky about renting them for use for your wedding.  The below composite photo pictures, from left to right:  The chandeliers (they are stacked for storage in a back room of the barn); the research photo on which they were based; and the actual Ikea chandeliers that were modified to create them.  Not pictured are the slender flameless pillar candles that would sit on each of the candle cups (they are not wired to use real bulbs).

Twinkle Lights

I created this design of twinkle light ribbons in a large sailcloth tent for one of my 2015 clients.  If this idea appeals to you, I could create a similar design for Stonover Barn.

Fairy Lights

Here are some ideas using “fairy lights,” the most common name for the tiny grain-of-wheat-sized LED lights on thin, flexible copper or aluminum wires.  Crocus and I both have these in our inventories and have incorporated them into our designs.  Crocus has lovely tabletop bell jar fixtures with fairy lights in them that look wonderful on dining tables.  I like to use them in outdoor candle lanterns.  We can also use them in a freeform way (not contained in a vessel) to dress trees, chandeliers, or other décor.

Bistro Lights

Bistro lights (strands of lights with golf ball-sized clear round bulbs) are a popular choice for Stonover, both inside the barn and outside around the grounds.  Here are a few photos to show you the possibilities.

Vintage Light Bulbs


Vintage-style light bulbs bring out the character and warmth of wooden or brick rustic interiors.  I use a wide variety of sizes and styles of clear glass bulbs, with glowing filaments in various historical shapes.  They look best when they are down near eye-level, so that their intricately designed filaments can be seen up close; and near a textured surface that they can illuminate to provide an attractive visual backdrop.

Flameless Candles

Flameless votive and pillar candles can add a lively glow and visual focus to your tables.  Live flame is not permitted inside the barn due to its lack of modern fire sprinklers, but my high quality flameless candles look and feel like the real thing. They emit a gentle, variable, fluctuating amber glow that–except for the lack of an actual flame–is quite natural looking.  They can be set directly on tables, mantles, and bars, or can be nestled inside candle holders in styles of your choice.  My pillar candles are 3″ in diameter in a mix of 4″ and 6″ heights.  My votive candles are 1.5″ diameter and 1.75″ tall.

Band Lighting for SoundHouse

I can provide whatever type of lighting your band’s contract requires.  We’ll select colors and angles of light that will flatter the band and will coordinate with your overall design aesthetic.