Experimenting with my new LED PARs

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LED technology as applied to stage lighting fixtures has finally gotten just good enough that if one invests in fairly high-end equipment, one can get LED fixtures that actually mix some pretty natural-looking warm whites and lovely light pastels…

Seitel Lighting LED PARs illuminate a sailcloth tent

…in addition to the impressive saturated colors that almost all LED fixtures can produce.

tournado multicolor design

Sailcloth tent lighting by Seitel Lighting LLC

After a two-year search for an LED PAR fixture that is the perfect fit for my company, I finally found something that had almost all of the features I wanted, at a price that didn’t break the bank: The Blizzard Tournado.  I’m excited to put these into action this season.  Here’s a closeup of some of my new fixtures:

tournado closeup

Classical Tents in Pittsfield recently pitched three styles of tents on their lawn for use in an event they hosted to train Berkshires wedding vendors on safety and emergency planning for tented events.  (Watch for a blog post to come soon on this meeting–it was fascinating and highly informative.)  When I realized they’d have a sailcloth tent up for a few days, I grabbed the opportunity to try out my new fixtures and see how they would do in this context.  Thank you to Kat at Classical!  By the way their new X4 Structure Tent is visible in the background–a great new addition to their inventory.

Seitel Lighting LLC Blizzard Tournado LED PARs

Here are some pics of my experimentation.  I was quite pleased with the Tournados’ wide, soft beam and the incredibly broad range of colors they can mix.  The sailcloth tent looked fantastic lit by a light sunset-like pink set against the sky at twilight.

tournado light pink tenttop closeup

I had quite a time creating groovy gradients of multiple colors.  All in the spirit of research of course.

Sailcloth tent lighting by Seitel Lighting LLC


Sailcloth tent lighting by Seitel Lighting LLC

And no, I was not on LSD.  I just thrive on color.   Call me a crazy geek.

Sailcloth tent lighting by Seitel Lighting LLC
The Tournado fixtures are battery-powered and wirelessly controlled, which means no wires of any kind.  I’m pretty good at dressing extension cords immaculately, but let’s face it, nothing’s as immaculate as no cords at all.  And a bonus:  They are IP65, which is tech-speak for waterproof.  They will operate just as flawlessly in the pouring rain as in a dry environment.

Sailcloth tent lighting by Seitel Lighting LLC

And that is what we call… a very good thing.

Thanks again to my friends at Classical for loaning me their tent the night before our Berkshire Event Vendors safety meeting.  Check out their website here: