Custom Muslin Curtains at Stonover Farm

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The muslin curtain panels that I built in my studio this spring had their debut at Stonover Farm at a recent early summer wedding:
Custom muslin curtains by Seitel Lighting LLC

The barn doors and transom window above are about fourteen feet tall, but I built the curtain panels at sixteen feet tall to allow enough extra fabric to drape the curtains open and pool them attractively on the barn floor to frame the doorway nicely.  The greenery tiebacks are by Michaela Hogarty of Days of May Florals.

Closeup of muslin fabric

I made these curtains using flameproofed medium-weight muslin purchased from my favorite theatrical fabrics supplier Rosebrand.  The ivory-colored translucent fabric glowed beautifully in the natural light outside the barn during the day and in the buttery incandescent light from the indoor bistro lights at night.


Here I am sewing the curtains in my studio in the Eclipse Mill in North Adams.

Julie Seitel sewing curtains in the Seitel Lighting studio

In the original prototype I built, I finished the top of the curtain with grommets and ties.  However, when I hung my custom muslin curtain side-by-side with a silver crushed tergalet curtain I purchased from Rosebrand that was finished with a simple pipe pocket, it was clear that the latter is a cleaner look.  Not to mention much less labor to build!  Double win.

Silver tergalet curtain with pipe pocket and muslin curtain with grommets and ties

Here the two finished muslin panels with pipe pockets at top and bottom are displayed in my studio along with the silver tergalet panel and the original muslin prototype.

Seitel Lighting soft goods

Here’s the result!  The bride and groom for whom I built these were pleased, as am I.  I hope these can brighten the décor of many a wedding yet to come.Muslin Curtain @ Stonover Farm by Seitel Lighting LLC
By the way… did you like that silver crushed tergalet curtain?  I scored six of these gorgeous panels from the Rosebrand discount store… sometimes they have amazing curtains on sale at extremely discounted prices due to someone screwing up something on a custom order.  Did the customer order the wrong fabric?  Did the shop build the wrong size?  We’ll never know… but I’m hoping these beautiful curtains will have a second chance at glory by helping to make someone’s special event especially gorgeous.

Closeup of crushed tergalet fabric

They are the perfect size for this and many other big barn doors.  They’d also make a lovely backdrop for a ceremony–especially a ceremony that has to be held indoors in a less-than-beautiful backup space due to inclement weather.  The tergalet is a silky fabric with a lovely sheen, and the crushed version has texture that catches the light beautifully.

Silver crushed tergalet panel

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