April 6, 2013 CenterStage event info for vendors

I put together this page to assist vendors who may be working on the April 6 event in the CenterStage next year.

Here is the preliminary groundplan for the event. North is “up” on this drawing. The open area bounded by the brick wall and the three seating banks is the “performance area” and the speakers will move freely throughout this area and address all three sides of the audience. There will be audience on all three sides at balcony level as well. Some seats may need to be cut to accommodate cameras–TBD depending on consultations with videographers. I will eventually generate a more detailed groundplan and section once we’ve nailed all that down.

April 6 Event Draft  Seating Sketch-1

Here are some photos of the CenterStage. (Note that it’s a flexible / reconfigurable space and the photos show a completely different seating arrangement than what we will use.)

The north wall is red brick and very photogenic, and will serve as “upstage” for our event. The projection screen will hang in the central opening in the brick wall; it’s designed to fill that opening. (Under the orange ladder.)

CST North WallCST North West Corner

Here is a photo of the southeast corner of the room. You can see two of the three “gondolas”, which are moveable but the photo shows where they will be for our event. We will put lighting and sound control consoles in the corner gondola; as of right now we plan to put audience in the other two gondolas. (TBD depending on camera placement needs.) The south banks of seats, which are the largest seating section, will be directly in front of the gondolas.

CST South East Corner

Here is a photo of the east wall, including the double height rolling door. The main entrance for the audience is the small door to the right of the large rolling door under the exit sign.

CST East Wall & Rolling Door

The college is a strict enforcer of building code so care must be taken to avoid placing equipment where it will block audience egress. The seating is totally flexible in this space so seats can be removed to accommodate camera positions, etc. if carefully planned out in advance.